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Organizing Your Pantry

When organizing your kitchen many people likely don't think about using storage totes to create a pantry storage system, but it can be a great way to declutter your cooking space and find exactly what you need in your pantry quickly. Whether you have to buy more storage bins or you have some extras around the house, organizing your pantry is easy with some shelves, bins and, of course, all of your kitchen utensils and snacks!  First, you'll have to place the shelving racks in place with screws. This will be the base for your storage options and will help create extra space for things that don't fit in your plastic drawers. After screwing in the shelf holders you can use either pieces that came with the holders or make your own shelves out of wood to create the exact style and look you're going for in your pantry. Next, you'll have to move onto the storage bin sections. There are options in this step, depending on what type of storage you want. One approach is to hav…

Fall Clean-Up with Edge Plastics

As we begin to move into cooler temperatures you should be well into the fall cleanup of your home and garden! Although not conventionally used, plastic totes can actually be very helpful during your cleanup work especially on the outside of your home. While you may usually just use a wheelbarrow or a bucket for containing all the pesky weeds and other yard scraps that you pull out of your garden during the fall, storage totes can be a great alternative, especially if you have a large number of objects that need to be removed from your flower beds. Using these totes you can contain all of your scraps in one easy-to-carry tote and you also will need to empty it a lot less if you go for one that is of a larger size. Also, some heavier-duty totes also include sections on the inside of the handle that can hold garbage bags in case you don't have a place to dump the scraps or would rather just put everything into a bag that you can take out with your trash.After you have finished your …