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Make a Kitty Tower out of Plastic Storage Totes

If you are a cat owner, then you know how cats can get into your things and jump on countertops, tables, and more. Some days, it seems as if cats will do almost anything for attention. When you are busy trying to work from home, complete household chores, or simply relaxing with a good book or watching a show, you do not want to constantly be bothered by your cat. We have the solution. Build a cat tower or condo with plastic storage totes. Your furry friend is sure to be excited about gaining a new toy that he can climb on and explore. The best part is you won’t have to yell at him to get down like you do when he jumps on your kitchen table.

 In this blog, we will give step-by-step instructions on how to create such a thing. Prepare to have more time to yourself while your furry friend is entertained by climbing onto and inside of plastic storage totes.

Acquire plastic storage totes. We recommend nine to make the cat tower high enough for your feline to enjoy. Place three totes on the…

Quarantine Storage Ideas

Have you noticed that your home has become messier during this quarantine? Your kids are home from school. You are working from home. While you find yourself spending more and more time at home, you don’t have the time to clean and organize things like you wish you did. Between work, playing teacher, and struggling with anxiety, you do not have much time left over to organize. We have a great solution that takes hardly any time at all! Storage totes are a quick and easy way to keep your possessions in so that your home stays tidy.

Storing shoes in storage totes is a great way to keep them all in once place. You know how sometimes you might have a couple of pairs by the front door, one under the bed, and the rest in the closet? Yeah, that is not the best plan. You do not want to be running late for events because you cannot find the right pair of shoes.

While your kids are studying at home, storing school supplies in storage bins can help eliminate clutter. You do not want to keep find…

Starting your Garden Using Clear Plastic Storage Totes

It is late April and the weather is still pretty erratic here in North Central Ohio. Last week, we had about 3 inches of snow fall in the morning and by the afternoon it was all melted. Then it hit 60 degrees the next day, and the day after we had crazy wind. If there is one thing that stable, it is that the weather and temperature here are very unstable!

With wild weather like this, many gardeners like to start their gardens before outside planting can actually happen so that the tender sprouts will not get ruined with an unexpected late April or early May frost. We were doing a little Pinterest browsing and came across the idea of using clear plastic totes as greenhouses for those small seedlings, so we are going to give you a how-to on getting your garden started using the not-so-crazy idea of making a plastic storage tote into a greenhouse.

Here is what you will need:

Small seedling containersSoilSeedsClear plastic storage totes with clear lids
First, the plastic tote is easy to ca…