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Composting with Plastic Totes? Yes!

A worm composting bin, known as a vermicomposter, can be fairly inexpensive and easy to maintain. There are several ways to vermicompost. Below are instructions on how to build one kind of worm composting bin designed to be used inside. It is also possible to purchase worm composting bins. You will want to put your bin in an indoor space as you do not want the worms to freeze in the winter or get too warm in the summer. Additionally, you may want to put the bin in a basement or other out-of-the-way space since you will be producing compost and worm “tea” in the composter.

Here are the supplies you need:
1. Two plastic bins – one must be taller and rest inside the other, shorter bin. The top tub should have a top to keep the worms from finding their way outside the box. It also needs to be somewhat flexible so you can drill holes into it. An 18 gallon tub that is roughly 15 inches deep, 20 inches wide and 15 inches tall works well.

2. A drill – To drill the holes so the worms can breathe.…

Plastic Yarn Box

Has your mother, your grandmother or yourself complained about all of your yarn being thrown into a basket or just scattered randomly around a room in the house after a long craft session? Well, there's an easy way to fix that with a simple DIY project! 
You can make a super simple yarn box right at home, likely with things that you probably already have around the house. All you need for this project is whatever sized plastic container that you need to accommodate the amount of yarn you have and something to poke holes in the lid of the container with. You will poke the holes, then slide each end of the stools of yarn through the holes out the top. After you replace the top, you can now grab yarn out of the box very easily, without the clutter of loose yarn around your craft room and home. 
If you have a lot of yarn to include, you can color code the yarn in an order that you choose so you know exactly where to go for each color. You also may, if you have too large of a yarn box to…

Jewelry Storage

If you or a loved one is a shopaholic and can't stop buying jewelry, you're gonna need a place to store all of those fabulous accessories. Luckily for you, a jewelry box/transporter can be made very easily from a plastic bin, a drill and a few metal hooks! 
All you have to do is find a small to medium-sized plastic container, either new or just one that you happen to have lying around the house. You then will take this container and drill however many holes you want in the sides of the plastic. After the holes are drilled and placed where you want them, you may insert the metal hooks that you have handy, so that they look similar to the picture above (depending on the types of hooks you chose, of course). Now you have an easy to make jewelry container!
You can use your newly made transporter to help keep your necklaces/ bracelets tangle-free, organize your jewelry by color, style or design and also take your accessories on-the-go to an extended vacation, a friends house or just …