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DIY Water Feature

Have you been feeling like your landscaping is missing something? Maybe you need a water feature! A water feature will give your outdoor area some visual and audible interest. We are going to tell you how to make a small water feature that's inexpensive and easy to do.
First, you need a clear or opaquely clear watertight plastic tote. The size depends on your preference, but we think an 80 quart tote will allow you a great look. Find the area where you want to put your water feature and trace around the tote. Then dig out enough dirt so that the top of the container is flush with the ground.
Next, get some larger rocks and place them in the bottom to hold the tote in place. If you want (and this is actually very important), place a pump into the container. Keeping the water moving helps to promote aeration throughout the pond and discourages the growth of pests like mosquitoes and algae. Use some more rocks to secure the pump.
Now, here's where your creativity gets to shine! Surr…

Plastic Totes or Hamster Palace?

Do you find yourself sympathizing for your small pets, such as hamsters or gerbils, because of the small cages that are sold at pet stores? Well you could create your own habitat for your tiny companion through customizing plastic storage totes along with the use of tubes, wire cage pieces and a few other tools. 
To start making a large home for your pet you will need to decide how big you want to make the habitat, which will determine how many totes you need. If you go for the multi-level style of home, you will need to cut out holes in the top and bottoms of the totes so that the animals can travel in the tubes between each tote. You will also need to cut holes to put in wire screens for ventilation, which you can also then use these holes for the access doors and a place for the water dispenser. The amount of space and access to other levels of the palace are really up to you as the designer, but there are lots of options when it comes to this, just make sure that there is ample ven…

Storage to Seating

If you are a social butterfly, like many people out there, you may thrive in the atmosphere of hosting get-togethers at your apartment or home. However, two big issues can arise when you are the host of your social group. These are Storage of your belongings and Seating for your many guests. Well luckily if you have extra plastic storage totes sitting around your living space you can create one solution to two problems. 
For this project all you will need is two plastic storage bins, a piece of plywood and a quilted bedspread. This project is remarkably simple as all you need to do is put the storage bins end-to-end and place the piece of plywood over them to create a flat surface. After the plywood place the bedspread over the top and either fold it under the storage bins or simply let it hang over the edges and hold it in place with decorative objects or walls. You can even put throw pillows on top of the bedspread if you are feeling extra fancy or some padding between the plywood an…

Camping Uses for Plastic Totes

Summertime is finally here! The weather has finally warmed up, and now we can get out to the great outdoors and camp (properly socially distanced, of course)! Camping is a fantastic way to combat the cabin fever many of us got during the "shelter in place" time during the past few months, so you will definitely want to make the most of your time. How can you do that? By using a surprise tool accessible to everyone: plastic totes! Let's scout out a number of cool ways to use plastic totes to make your camping trip awesome.

1. For food storage

This one is probably the most obvious, but we're going to put it here anyway. Store your food in a plastic container while camping to protect it from dust, bugs and wildlife. To protect your food, and more importantly you, from wildlife interested in raiding your food, the containers can also be easily transferred to the car or to a separate designated food storage bin or locker.
2. As a laundry basket

Since they are of a similar sh…